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As a long-term partner of Estonia's largest municipality, we developed the new website for Tallinn. The large-scale project included, in various stages, detailed analysis of the system, implementation of design work, development of content management software, data migration, as well as additional system development, maintenance, and hosting services.


Solution Description

The need for high usage load and security, a very large amount of information and functionalities, many different target groups, users, administrators, and numerous external integrations were just a few of the challenges to be solved in this project. As part of the development project, we created the main website of and also integrated with it the websites of various authorities, thematic websites, and media portals.

When implementing the solution, we used the Drupal 9 platform and its components, which are free, open source, and have a wide user base. All system components can be clustered, including web applications, services, and databases. The system is hardware scalable, i.e. it is easy to increase availability.

The design of Tallinn's new web solution has been prepared based on the needs of the Purchaser and the style guide. We thoroughly based our work on accessibility and WCAG 2.0 AA requirements and set the goal that the application would be usable with newer versions of all the most common web browsers. We focused on creating the most intuitive and user-friendly visuals and CMS.

We also created two monitoring pages for the application, which can be used to monitor the application's performance and the statuses of third-party dependencies. According to the initial task of the procurement, the load capacity of the system is 5,000 simultaneous web visits per minute.

The number of web managers, i.e. administrators, is about 350, whose daily work will be significantly affected by the implementation of a new software solution. Therefore, we have paid great attention to the easiest possible introduction of the system and training of administrators.


Web solution

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