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Ramirent is the largest construction equipment rental and sales company in the Baltics. In the course of our long-term cooperation, we have developed a central production system as well as various websites as a special solution for them.



  • A central production management information system for use throughout the Baltics, where the assembly process of modular houses and the exchange of information between different departments and the warehouse have been optimised.
  • The new system takes into account production, ordering and team planning processes in real time.
  • Based on the needs mapped in cooperation with the customer and the analysis created, the system takes into account the specifics of the business precisely and can be adjusted according to wishes.
  • Information between different departments can be extracted as reports in order to have a comprehensive overview of production


  • Production information is available to everyone: different management levels (management, modular production unit, foremen) get an overview of important information in real time.
  • Time savings: production is efficient and takes place in one large system.
  • Cost savings: Today, the system is used by all of the hundred employees and there is no need for other programmes that need to be customised.


Web solution

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