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The Port of Tallinn is the largest complex of cargo and passenger ports in Estonia, which plays an important role in the Estonian transport system and the economy as a whole.

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The website of the Port of Tallinn was updated and user-friendly. Web Expert developed a new website using Wordpress. The platform allows the customer to manage the content and the customer can easily build new content pages with modules according to their vision.

The new website is 'responsive', which means that the screen size of the visitor is detected and the design is adjusted accordingly.

During the process of creating the website, we performed data migration so that all the information on the previous page would be preserved and transferred to the new site. As the Port of Tallinn is a listed company, it was important to provide news about the company's operations without any problems.

The website is connected to databases of timetables, which show a real-time plan. There is also a direct interface to the Nasdaq page, which displays the latest stock price on the website.


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