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Vevid AS ordered analysis, design and system development from our company. In the analysis phase, we defined the actual needs of the client and mapped them precisely so that the work in the design and development process would go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Along with the analysis, we also presented the client with wireframes on which to start designing. To start the design, we asked the client for the most accurate input information possible, based on which we could submit a preliminary design from the home page. After that, we were able to move on with subviews and responsive views (mobile use). The development phase is often the longest and most important part of the whole project, and we have described its critical parts here as well.


The main difficulty of the project was to interface Hansa's accounting and warehousing software with the e-store we are creating. As the customer wanted to leave the entire product and business customer management with the pricing solution in the Hansa system, we were forced to adapt our standard e-store solution to the customer's wishes. Web Expert wrote a separate JSON request API for data coming from and sending from Hansa, based on which a partner specialising in Hansa's system was able to make correct requests from Hansa. The main difficulty was the display of a large number of warehouses and price information, which required good optimisation from our online store database for fast data processing.

As an additional functionality, the online store wanted a search based on the Estonian car license plate, which, when entering the license plate, would return the tire and wheel dimensions suitable for his car to the user. When the user enters his license plate, he is shown a list of suitable tire sizes, which makes it much easier for the user to find the right tire. The service offered by the Road Administration was relatively easy to interface with our online store thanks to a clear API.

In order to make it even easier for regular customers to buy car tires, we have interfaced with the database called Tiresaddict in the e-store, which contains information about different makes and models of cars and tires suitable for them. All the user has to do is enter the make and model of their car and the appropriate vintage, and the e-shop system returns the selection of the correct tire sizes. The user gets tires that fit their car very easily, and gets a sale that the user is happy with!

As a relatively standard solution, we also integrated Swedbank, SEB bank links, the credit card payment module and the LHV installment module with the e-store.

Of course, the whole system we have developed is mobile-friendly or responsive. This means that the items on the web page adapt to the screen size of the user's device. The website is easy to browse on both the large monitor and the small smartphone screen. The functionality remains the same in both mobile and standard PC views, but by playing with the layout of the elements, you can bring out more primary elements for mobile users.


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