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We developed a new and modern website for the city of Tartu. The work was commissioned by the Tartu City Government and the design work partner was Wiseman Interactive OÜ.

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The current website dates back to the first half of the last decade and was in dire need of updating. Preliminary work was the information architecture and prototype of the website developed by the customer and the web strategy prepared.

The main goals of the new website were better information through an adapted structure and updated search system, modern design and usability in mobile settings, accessibility for the visually impaired, integration of information on social media and integration of online systems (document register, inquiries to officials, maintenance reports).


Tartu's new website is based on the Drupal 8 platform, to which the necessary modules have been added and which has been adapted and supplemented with the aim of making the management of website information as convenient and simple as possible. The most important additional modules on the website are news with comments, calendar, search, map application, survey and forms, finding agency (advertisements) and weather information and webcam pictures.

Through the automatic interfaces, the documents of the register of documents, the data of the employees of the city government and the council members are displayed on the website, the feed of Kultuuriakna events and the website visitor can send questions to officials or inform about maintenance problems.


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