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Tallinn University

The new website of Tallinn University has been created on the Drupal 8 platform. Web Expert also created a new website design in accordance with TU's new style book. With the design of the website, the main focus is on different levels of study, so that users can immediately find a suitable topic area. TU's new website uses a liquid layout (the same page can be conveniently used on both a computer and a mobile device) and is validated to the WCAG 2.0 AA standard.

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Many different content types are used in the web solution of Tallinn University, and in addition to the usual news, events and content pages, custom content types are also used, such as the curriculum, the list of curricula and the media gateway solution with three different content types.

The main focus in the development of this website was to give the administrators a lot of options for editing the website. In essence, we've created a situation where a webmaster can use all the different designed content elements on different types of pages - for example, a regular content page can be made into a highly customized landing page with a large home page slider, left-handed solution to add content, and more.

The TU website is interfaced with the TAP intranet on the basis of LDAP and allows TU employees to be synchronised with the website.


The conference center offers a full service for organizing events - through the system it is possible to rent the university premises and hold an event that meets your needs. Everything necessary for smooth planning is ensured by the system - registration with conditions and management of guests, sharing of additional information about the event in bilingual form, as well as the possibility to pay through the Payment Centre interface.

The event you receive will have its own landing page, which the user of the system can edit according to their wishes - add menu options and design according to their style. Standard user-managed content pages with various modules (such as forms) are a key feature of the Drupal 8 platform, so in this case, the customer can create their own website for the event.


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