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Creation of 2.0 web environment of

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Short description of the customer

Home of the most active Estonian radio stations and an award-winning music and entertainment portal

Necessity and original task

The task was to update the design of the portal and improve the usability, creating preconditions for the growth of page views and advertising revenue, while at the same time continuing to offer visitors attractive and entertaining content. The aim was to upgrade the whole solution to a more modern and promising platform that would provide easier administration and more diverse options.

Description of the solution

An important business goal for the new portal was to highlight the campaigns and involve more participants. The created solution allows to generate additional possibilities for data collection, in order to submit newsletters to those who wish to receive them. Newsletters, in turn, raise the number of page visitors, and newsletters have the opportunity to sell advertising. In order to bring users back to the website, we updated the portal's comment section, in which case we created the opportunity for visitors to express their opinion anonymously at the section below the article, without having a user account.

During the development, we also created an opportunity to offer paid content on the portal, which increases the opportunities to earn additional revenue and provides an opportunity to price more exclusive content on a separate basis.

The updated user-friendly design of the portal makes the stay on the page much more pleasant for the visitor. The visitor knows and is able to search for the sections and topics they like, switch radio stations and take part in lotteries / games. The new design also included new and better customised banner space which generates more visibility and, with it, higher advertising revenue.

The renewal of the portal is constantly evolving.


Web solution

Used technologies

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