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LendFusion is an all-inclusive loan management software provider that currently operates in Europe, the UK, and South African markets, offering software services to various credit and financial service companies.



With over 10 years of experience in the fintech sector, LendFusion wanted to update their website's appearance with the launch of a new credit management platform.

The most important aspect of creating the new website was finding a suitable design language that was both professional and eye-catching. Wordpress was chosen as the website platform, allowing the LendFusion team to extensively manage content and optimize SEO without requiring additional developer time. A critical part of the new website was a responsive design that adapts to the device screen size, enabling users to visit the same website successfully from both a smartphone and a computer screen. An essential component of the new website is the pricing page which displays the cost of the loan management software, providing credit institutions with a clear understanding of the service's cost.


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