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Pärnu Hospital

Pärnu Hospital is one of the largest central hospitals in Estonia, serving the residents of Pärnu County and partly also the inhabitants of Lääne, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. The focus of the new website's convenience is on displaying time-critical information and promptly finding the necessary contacts. The website of Pärnu Hospital has been developed on the Drupal 9 platform.

Pärnu hospital front page


The development stage of the new website was preceded by a in-depth analysis, where we mapped the solution created together with the customer based on usage stories - so we can be sure that the logic of the website created in cooperation with the analyst and project manager meets the requirements of people.

Among other things, we developed the structural logics of the website – for example, the division of units, the list of contacts, etc.


In web design, we proceeded from the style book of Pärnu Hospital and the elements of usability, where separate menu and information boxes are easy to find and read.

The website of the mobile version also received special attention, as the necessity for information on two different devices is different.


The website has been developed on the Drupal 9 platform with the rights to use different roles and their ability to create and manage contents. Drupal is well-suited for creating and distributing voluminous information with its many different content types. Some content pages, which are intended only for cooperation partners, are also password-protected - so we can be sure that the right information only reaches those involved.

The search engine also uses Elasticsearch, which suggests a potential result to the user based on their search.


As a great initiative, it is possible to thank the medical staff on the website.

You can fill in the boxes and a thank you letter will be sent to the appropriate doctor – the best way thank your doctor is to say thank you!


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