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Want to expand your web business or take your e-business activity to the next level?

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We develop e-commerce systems based on your business logic. We help you grow your business and make your products and services as accessible on the web as possible. A secure and fast e-shop creates trust in customers and helps to achieve the ultimate goal - making a successful purchase.

Solution and value

We help digitalise corporate business logic to bring products and services closer to the end customer. We create complete e-commerce solutions from a personally designed e-shop to more sophisticated self-service environments that allow you to reduce your company's costs and maximise revenue.

Our strength is special solutions, where the standard solutions of the e-store are not enough, but the complexity of the product or service poses greater challenges in both business and digital terms. We have experience in booking environments, configurators and other complex projects where business logic and payment solutions are related to effective design and usability

Experience and competency

Over the years, we have created web solutions for a wide variety of customers, but we always approach each customer personally. This way we can offer the best solution for their unique needs. As Estonia's leading web development experts, we offer our customers the latest technology and a user-friendly content management platform.

We take on the role of a full-service provider and are at every step with our customers, from strategy to innovative technological solutions. Our customers are ambitious and visionary companies with whom we act as both a consultant and a developer.

Our experienced experts analyse the needs of your company and offer the best solution in terms of both functionality and user-friendliness. The Web Expert team consists of specialists in the field of development, analysis, design, project and quality management, who have long-term experience and professional education

Process and TEchnologies

The quality of the solutions we create is paramount to us. To ensure this, we have developed an in-house system that is certified by an ISO quality management standard. We provide ongoing support for your new software or potential future development needs. As technology and industry evolve rapidly, your software needs to keep up with the times, and we'll take care of it as a back-up to operational management.

We use an agile and iterative development methodology (Scrum, Kanban), where the work performed in stages is regularly coordinated with the customer. This approach allows you to focus on what is important and provides a solution that meets the customer's needs.

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  • Consultancy

    We familiarise ourselves thoroughly with the customer's business area and find out the expectations for increasing the volume of transactions

  • Analysis

    We analyse and define the business metrics of the project and create the system architecture based on them

  • Branding

    We create or customise a company's visual identity for a precisely created e-commerce solution

  • Usability and design

    We create a well-thought-out design that ensures maximum ease of use for the visitor, which is a prerequisite for the growth of both initial and repeat purchases.

  • Development

    We develop an e-commerce solution based on modern technology that is convenient to use, easy to administer and interfaces with the necessary environments

  • Testing and quality control

    We make sure that the created solution is reliable and meets the goals set for the sales channel

  • Documentation and instructions

    We prepare correct documentation for the daily use of the results as well as for possible further developments

  • Training and customer support

    We train e-store managers and provide ongoing advice on how to effectively implement the solution to increase sales

  • Deployment

    We arrange the transfer of information from previous systems and ensure the smooth start-up of the new sales channel

  • Content creation and support services

    We help to create attractive product and service presentations both in words and images

  • Follow-up support and services

    We provide ongoing maintenance and take care of software upgrades

  • Project management

    We are a professional partner who will help you obtain your business goals