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Objective: To define the exact problem statement and solution.

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Accurate project planning is important to achieve the best results. The result must be the best for both the subscriber and the end user. In the preliminary analysis phase, we identify the current situation and problems. At a general level, we describe the desired functional aspects. In the detailed analysis phase, we use the preliminary analysis as a basis and define in detail what we want to achieve with the solution. In the technical phase supporting the business analysis phase, we identify which technologies are best suited to specific business needs. Based on the business and technical analysis, we prepare a scope and indication with a schedule and budget.



  • Defining solution goals and success factors
  • Mapping of general needs and business processes
  • Stakeholder and content analysis
  • Ease of use analysis
  • Creating user paths
  • Mapping requirements for the solution
  • Analysis of interfaced solutions
  • Preparation of solution architecture and technical design
  • Preparation of a detailed vision document
  • Preparation of content documentation


The result: the content documentation has been completed, within which the current situation and the desired goal have been analysed and mapped in cooperation with the customer. The parties have clearly defined how the objectives are to be achieved, what the expected timetable for the project will be and what the next steps will be. We always follow the best possible solution in order to achieve a result, taking into account the available budget and time resources.

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