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Purpose: to guide the end user to the desired result.

Kasutajakogemus illustratsioon

Thanks to a thorough analysis of user experience, we are able to create a very precisely targeted web solution, where the end user is guided to the result with minimal clicks, for example, to make a purchase in an online store. We make sure that, in addition to practical ease of use, the solution created is also comprehensive and clear.


  • Development of user environment structure and usage logic
  • Creating screenshots
  • Creating a solution design concept
  • Development of design principles
  • Creating content view designs
  • Designing responsive views
  • Creating a static prototype based on a design
  • Design testing on end users
  • Coordination of design views with the customer
  • Web environment design, web design

The result: A modern and attractive design concept that is comprehensive, easy to use and effective.


Kasutajakogemus illustratsioon