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Are you planning on launching a new product or service?

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We are a professional and flexible partner in the development of digital products.

Solution and value

We help create innovative products and services in new areas and are a compassionate partner from prototyping to end-user testing. We help start-ups, spin-offs and other companies to analyse the market potential of innovative digital products, create an MVP and validate it in the market, and reach the first customers with solutions

experience and competency

We approach product development systematically and analytically. We have experience in the development of start-ups and we base our technology development primarily on your business needs. We are strong in the development of special solutions and are able to offer flexible cooperation conditions for bringing innovative digital products to the market.

We take on the role of a full-service provider and are at every step with our customers, from strategy to innovative technological solutions. Our experienced specialists analyse the needs of your company and offer the best solution in terms of both functionality and user-friendliness. The Web Expert team consists of specialists in the field of development, analysis, design, project and quality management, who have long-term experience and professional education.

Process and technologies

We are developing based on an agile methodology, which provides an opportunity to validate the prototype in stages, improve it according to the feedback, and re-launch it in a short cycle.

Startup illustratsioon

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  • Consultancy

    We get to know the client's team and help to focus the business idea. We find out the expectations and the most suitable format for cooperation

  • Analysis

    We analyse the market potential and business model of a new digital product. We help formulate success factors and create a specific product development plan for creating an MVP.

  • Branding

    We create the basic visual image and marketing basics for a new digital product to test the market

  • Usability and design

    We create a logically structured and easy-to-use design that guides the visitor most effectively to the desired activity

  • Development

    We carry out development based on an agile methodology, which gives the opportunity to validate the prototype in stages, improve it according to the feedback and re-launch it in a short cycle.

  • Testing and quality control

    We ensure that the solution created is reliable and meets the requirements for business model and product validation

  • Documentation and instructions

    We prepare correct documentation for the daily use of the results as well as for possible further developments

  • Training and customer support

    We train the startup team to use MVP and advise on how to get effective feedback

  • Deployment

    We organise the transfer of information from previous web solutions and ensure the smooth start-up of the new environment

  • Content creation and support services

    We help to create attractive content in both text and image form that conveys a clear message and is easy to understand

  • Follow-up support and services

    We provide ongoing maintenance, take care of software upgrades and are a long-term partner for upgrades

  • Project management

    We are a professional partner who will help you obtain your business goals