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Purpose: we help you quickly implement the solution in your daily work.

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When introducing new solutions, it is important that the transition takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible. We make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible, according to the agreed implementation and timing, without disrupting the company's core processes or business operations. To avoid worries and additional work to transfer different data from the previous solution, we are preparing a migration plan. We help to move all the necessary data to a new solution, without the need to use two environments in duplication, for example.


  • Installing the solution on the end server
  • Delivery of the source code and materials of the created solution to the customer
  • Transfer of transferable rights to the work to the customer
  • Support for the use, maintenance and further development of the solution


The result: a smooth transition to the new system. We serve the entire process and make sure that the project works smoothly when handed over.

Juurutamine illustratsioon