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Objective: to identify common ground and suitability for cooperation.

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A prerequisite for effective cooperation is that the partners know and trust each other thoroughly. As the first stage of cooperation, we always want to get to know each other as well as possible, to get a comprehensive picture of the needs, expectations and opportunities, so that the focus of cooperation and the best possible solution can be agreed based on it.


  •  Introducing the company and the services, solutions and team offered

  • Getting to know the customer's business and his needs
  • Probleemide, kitsaskohtade kaardistus
  • Mapping of problems, bottlenecks
  • Clarification of expectations and needs
  • Finding a suitable form of cooperation
  • Defining the starting point of the project


Result: Both parties have a thorough overview of their partner, which is a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. The essence of the problem has been mapped and a common vision and focus on cooperation has been agreed.

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