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Objective: to create and customise visual identities.

Bränding illustratsioon

In the case of a professional web solution, it is important that it visually matches the company's complete identity. We create a completely new visual concept from the concept level to the brand book, or we adapt the existing image to the created solution so that it accurately conveys the company's core values ​​and promises. We help the end customer to clearly recognise your product or service from the competition and make a choice in your favour.


  • Strategic analysis (current situation, business objectives, product / service, market position, target groups, etc.)
  • Specifying communication goals, setting focus
  • Creating a visual identity and concept
  • Creating a communication strategy and key messages
  • Creating a logo and slogan
  • Creating distinctive graphics and pictorial language
  • Defining fonts, colours, and other style book elements
  • Creating a Corporate Brand-book (CVI)
  • Customise your visual identity for web solutions


The result: a holistic and well-thought-out image that builds trust in the company and supports long-term marketing goals.


Bränding illustratsioon